This blog’s focus is on the concept of always moving forward. My goal is to share how I’m pursuing this little dream of creating “Arrow’s Adventure.” You may also hear some of my thoughts on creating movement with other life steps. Finally, since I do not typically enjoy having all the focus on me (and by not typically I mean hardly ever), I hope I can recruit some local dreamers to share their thoughts with you all as well.cropped-signalwaysmoveforward-e1503054287387.jpg

I am a CT native who found her way down to Knoxville, TN. This city, and the farm I am fortunate to live on, are home to me. When I’m not on this blog or creating other stories you can find me in a classroom teaching to, and learning from, some pretty awesome kids.

For more on the story behind Arrow click Here

For more on the story behind “Arrow’s Adventure” click Here