The Hardest Part is Starting…

I think writing the beginning of a story is always a lot harder than writing the end. Mostly because you know what you want the ending to be. The tricky part is figuring out how to get going in order to reach that ending. Having to write an initial blog post has the same kinds of challenges. The hard thing for me about starting a blog is not being able to have a pre-determined end goal. Even if I had one in mind I can’t control it like I can in writing a book. When I wrote “Arrow’s Adventure” I knew I wanted the story’s final pages to continue encouraging the story’s mindset of always moving forward, so I guess quite simply I want this blog to do that as well.


I hope by sharing how I am moving forward this year, whether it be with “Arrow’s Adventure” or just life in general, I can hear and learn how you all are creating movement as well.

Hooray for having the first post done!

Always Move Forward. Thanks for reading!



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