My Gratitude Journal

I have never been good at keeping a written journal. Most of them have a couple pages filled out and that’s it. Ones from when I was little usually only include an introduction of pets, family members and crushes. Those I attempted in later years all start with a statement of a goal to write something every day…and then when a day is skipped the whole journal stops. I have, however, found a way to keep a journal going, and that’s through gratitude.

My gratitude journals were inspired when a friend told me to write down three ‘thankfuls’ every day. It was an exercise just to remind me of all the little (and big) things throughout the day that might go unnoticed if I didn’t acknowledge them. I don’t remember exactly how I came to start a journal out of it, but I did. Each page has something I am thankful for. Sometimes I have a doodle to go along with it, other times I may glue something in there like a card or note I received from someone. There are also people who I’ve asked to contribute to it. They can draw a couple things they are thankful for or write a note…anything they want.
When I can create something my mind settles easier than if I’m trying to put all my thoughts into words. It also doesn’t seem as tiring. When my days are long I don’t always want to write about everything. With my gratitude journal I still can look back and have an account of what was happening in my life/where I was headed. I get reminders of little things I may have forgotten about if they weren’t recorded.
I don’t pressure myself to add a page every day, and don’t think I would enjoy it if I did. I’m thankful I have a way to journal that I’ve been consistent with…I always gain perspective flipping back through the pages. Keeping a journal looks different for everyone, but I would encourage all of you to have a way to keep tabs on what’s happening in your life. It goes by fast, and small moments are important to give recognition to.
I would love to hear how others journal! Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message!
Always Move Forward.

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