Meet Gracie

Free Hugs

There are 5 horses on the farm I live at…since Gracie has made the most social media appearances I thought it would be fun to tell everyone a little bit about her!
The owners of the farm got Gracie from a man who was selling his herd from a trail riding outfit in the Smokies that was shutting down. Before carrying people on trails around the mountains she apparently pulled carts up in Amish country. You can see white spots on her sides from where she probably got rubbed from that work. For the owners, Gracie was a good match for their family. She is big and gentle so can be trusted with inexperienced people as well as handle carrying any of the men.
Being cute is good for Gracie, because it makes it easier for me to forgive her. She is usually the main culprit behind the few farm stresses I have. When the grass starts going away in the fields she will lean into the fence until it breaks to get to the still-green grass on the lawn. Other times she will just decide she wants to go somewhere and it does not really matter that I’m standing right in front of her.
There was also one day where I got a text forwarded from our neighbor who saw her out in the field and thought something was horribly wrong. I drove home thinking she was dead….but she is just happy to lay completely flat for extended periods of time. It doesn’t matter if horses are sniffing her…she won’t move. I got home and she was totally fine. Alive and well.
Forgiveness for Gracie is instantaneous when at the end of a long day or early in the morning I can lean into her and give her a hug. She is the most tolerant of that…maybe because she enjoys it and maybe because she’s too lazy to move :). When I want to just hop on a horse she is usually my go-to choice as well. Mostly because I can just hop on her bareback…it’s essentially like riding a couch. If I’m ever needing some riding time she is willing to carry me around the yard or in the field for a little while…until she stops and refuses to move…then we just stand and contemplate together :).  The farm wouldn’t be the same without her.
Gracie Sunset
Thanks for reading! Always move forward.

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