Meet Angel


Here’s an introduction to another one of the horses… Angel! It’s also important to note that she is a consistent daily thankful out here on the farm. She is my personal favorite.

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Everyone can Create


One of my favorite things I own is a folder of some of my school work my parents saved over the years. Part of it includes an in-class journal from 2nd grade which must have always been the day after my horseback riding lessons. Pretty much every entry talks about the horse I rode and I love looking back at it every once in a while. It makes me thankful to have found something I’m passionate about at young age, and even more thankful that I’ve been purposeful in keeping that passion a part of my life. The folder overall, though, is helpful in reminding me that I am creative. It is evidence when I try to underplay my abilities. I really do think we are all creative but somehow start to doubt ourselves along the way.

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Other Adventurers: Katie Gonzalez

KatieGonzalezThis was supposed to be written as an interview, but about an hour after I got home my phone completely died, so I lost the recording. Super sad. Instead, I’m going to write about VG’s and my favorite things I remember from my talk with Katie this morning! VG’s is a family owned and operated bakery in Knoxville and Katie Gonzalez, who was just 13 when her parents opened the shop, is now the manager! Now that we work out at the same gym it’s been so much fun to get to talk to her for more than the usual 2 minutes when I’m buying a cinnamon roll or ginger cookie.

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Other Adventurers: Lynn Petr


One of my goals for this blog is to hear others’ thoughts on the concepts of adventure and always moving forward. I was fortunate to be able to sit down with Lynn Petr, Executive Director of Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding (STAR), in Lenoir City. STAR uses horses to serve individuals with disabilities, whether it be through riding or other interactions. Lynn is also my boss, and I’m forever grateful for her giving me the opportunity to work at STAR as one of their instructors. It was great to have some time to catch up and listen to someone who I have a lot of respect and appreciation for. Continue reading

Farm Life


I am very fortunate to live on a farm…it is enabling me to work part-time for a little while and it just feels like home. One of my goals this year is to have more daily reminders of how thankful I am for where I live. When I’m there every day it’s sometimes easy to not notice the little things. Whenever people come and visit they usually comment about how peaceful it is. And I’m usually thinking to (and reminding) myself “Oh yeah it is peaceful out here!”. This entry is an overview of my big farm thankfuls.

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Moving Forward: Setting Goals


I’ve only recently started setting goals for myself and actually meeting them. In the past I usually tried some big New Year’s resolution. As soon as I took a misstep the whole thing would fall apart. There are a few strategies that have helped me with both setting and reaching goals, and though they might not work for everyone, it might get you thinking about goals in a different way.

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I’m not trying to encourage everyone to quit their job and work in a classroom. I just want to have you try and think of yourself as having a life role as a teacher. We are all teachers if you think about it, and I believe if we each start the day taking on that responsibility the world might become just a little bit better.

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My Gratitude Journal

I have never been good at keeping a written journal. Most of them have a couple pages filled out and that’s it. Ones from when I was little usually only include an introduction of pets, family members and crushes. Those I attempted in later years all start with a statement of a goal to write something every day…and then when a day is skipped the whole journal stops. I have, however, found a way to keep a journal going, and that’s through gratitude.

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