Meet Angel


Here’s an introduction to another one of the horses… Angel! It’s also important to note that she is a consistent daily thankful out here on the farm. She is my personal favorite.

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Everyone can Create


One of my favorite things I own is a folder of some of my school work my parents saved over the years. Part of it includes an in-class journal from 2nd grade which must have always been the day after my horseback riding lessons. Pretty much every entry talks about the horse I rode and I love looking back at it every once in a while. It makes me thankful to have found something I’m passionate about at young age, and even more thankful that I’ve been purposeful in keeping that passion a part of my life. The folder overall, though, is helpful in reminding me that I am creative. It is evidence when I try to underplay my abilities. I really do think we are all creative but somehow start to doubt ourselves along the way.

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