Other Adventurers: Katie Gonzalez

KatieGonzalezThis was supposed to be written as an interview, but about an hour after I got home my phone completely died, so I lost the recording. Super sad. Instead, I’m going to write about VG’s and my favorite things I remember from my talk with Katie this morning! VG’s is a family owned and operated bakery in Knoxville and Katie Gonzalez, who was just 13 when her parents opened the shop, is now the manager! Now that we work out at the same gym it’s been so much fun to get to talk to her for more than the usual 2 minutes when I’m buying a cinnamon roll or ginger cookie.

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Other Adventurers: Lynn Petr


One of my goals for this blog is to hear others’ thoughts on the concepts of adventure and always moving forward. I was fortunate to be able to sit down with Lynn Petr, Executive Director of Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding (STAR), in Lenoir City. STAR uses horses to serve individuals with disabilities, whether it be through riding or other interactions. Lynn is also my boss, and I’m forever grateful for her giving me the opportunity to work at STAR as one of their instructors. It was great to have some time to catch up and listen to someone who I have a lot of respect and appreciation for. Continue reading